Why Do My Crowns Hurt?

My new crowns look great, and the dentist says they fit beautifully. Why do they hurt?

Assuming that the crowns fit the teeth well, and have sealed well with the tooth, the most likely reason for this pain is that the teeth hit too hard sometime during your chewing cycle. Not only can this contact make the tooth sore, but because the muscles that control your chewing work overly hard to avoid the high point, eventually your muscles will tire. This is, in fact, the leading cause of TMJ pain.

The remedy is to precisely adjust the bite so that the new crowns all hit ideally at all times. This sounds simple, but it cannot be done without computer analysis that enables us to pinpoint the high spots, and so to adjust only the offending areas. We also measure the muscle activity of the muscles that close and guide your jaw during movement, to make certain that they work no harder than required, and relax when they should.

Once your new crowns are adjusted, they should feel comfortable and no longer be sensitive to chew with, or to temperatures, like ice water. Plus, because your muscles will no longer be stressed, your entire being will appear less tense, and more relaxed. Oh, and properly biting teeth are far less prone to breakage or chipping, or to need a mouthguard.

Please feel free to contact us at Advanced Dental Arts NW. We are happy to help you fully enjoy your new crowns.