Frequently Asked Sleep & TMJ Dental Questions – Portland, OR

Ask Your Portland Sleep & TMJ Dentist

As you can imagine, we receive a lot of questions each day at Evolution Dental, and we are always willing to take the time to answer them. One of the most important things our Portland dental patients want is an explanation when it comes to their sleep and TMJ problems and treatment options, and we are more than happy to provide exactly that. Below, we’ve gone ahead and answered some of our most popular questions, and you are always welcome to give us a call to ask more.

Why is this dental practice just focused on sleep and TMJ problems?

Issues stemming from sleep apnea, snoring, and TMJ-related pain require a certain expertise to properly diagnose and treat, and most doctors simply are not equipped to do so. In order to provide the best care possible, Dr. Teasdale has dedicated his career to helping people with these problems. This allows him to provide options for patients they cannot get anywhere else, and our team also makes it easy to coordinate with multiple doctors so the patient gets exactly what they need each step of the way.

Why is my jaw sore all the time?

There are many reasons this might be happening, but if this symptom persists for weeks, months, or even years, then it might be a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). Often, the culprit is a misaligned bite that is putting undue stress on the muscles of the jaw. However, the best way to get an answer is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Teasdale for a thorough examination.

Can you help me stop using my CPAP machine?

Maybe. Many patients are able to start wearing a custom oral appliance to help with their sleep problems after working with Dr. Teasdale, but in cases of severe sleep apnea, a CPAP may be the only viable treatment. In many cases, an oral appliance can be used at the same time as a CPAP machine. This is called combined therapy, and it means the machine can be placed on a lower setting and only requires a nasal mask, leading to improved comfort and more consistent use.

How can I tell if my headaches are due to TMJ disorder?

This is very difficult to determine on your own. The most telling indicator would be if you experience a stiff/painful jaw in addition to chronic headaches. However, the most reliable way to figure this out is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Teasdale. Using a TekScan for bite analysis, he can determine how the muscles that control your bite are firing, which may point to strain that could easily radiate into the head. Rather than guess, he can get to the root cause of the problem.

Will you accept my insurance?

Depending on the specific plans, many patients can use their dental or medical insurance to help pay for their care at Evolution Dental. Please let us know if you have insurance when you schedule your initial appointment, and we will go over what your benefits will and will not cover.

How can I pay for my care if I don’t have insurance?

You can space out paying for your treatment using CareCredit, which allows you to sign up for a low-to-no-interest plan that separates the overall cost into smaller monthly installments. You can learn more about this option and even sign up for it by visiting our For Patients page.