Advanced Dental Technology – Portland, OR

What Evolution Looks Like

Dr. Teasdale has been practicing dentistry for decades and he has worked diligently to keep up with the latest advancements in dental technology in Portland. This enables him to accurately diagnose sleep and TMJ problems and to deliver individualized treatments. Each instrument highlighted below was hand-selected by him to give you the best results and experience possible.

CT/Cone Beam Scanner

C T cone beam scanner in Portland dental office

Our KAVO V17 scanner does more than take a single X-ray. Instead, it captures multiple images from several angles, and these are pieced together by software to create a 3D model of your teeth, bite, and surrounding structures. This allows us to see the entirety of your dental anatomy and how each part relates to one another. We can see the big picture as well as focus on minor details, which enables us to formulate more personalized treatment plans and to pinpoint the source of someone’s problems.

Digital Dental Impressions

Dentist capturing digital dental impressions of a patient's teeth

Our iTero Digital Scanner lets us generate an extremely detailed replication of your teeth and bite in a matter of minutes without having to use those messy and odd-tasting dental putties. The process is much faster (and cleaner) than the old way, and it saves everyone from retakes as well. The digital model of your teeth is sent to a lab that uses a 3D printer to mill a physical model, and this is used to design restorations that can help rebalance the bite and take stress off of the jaw joint. And all without those non-degradable impression materials that will sit in landfills for thousands of years to come.

TekScan Technology

Dentist showing a patient advanced digital models of their teeth and bite

Balancing the bite is like trying to level a 28-legged table! When most dentists "adjust the bite," they will almost always use a bit of carbon paper, which shows only where the teeth contact. But it cannot show how hard each tooth hits, when they meet, or how balanced the bite is, right to left, or front to back. Nor, most importantly, can it describe how the teeth interact as they slide across each other during chewing.

Our TekScan lets us see on a clear graph how every tooth is interacting at every step of the process. Using it, we can fine-tune a bite, to balance the forces, and to bestow comfort and calmness for the patient. This technology is absolutely necessary to create an optimal and efficient bite, to relieve temperature sensitivity, and to quiet overactive muscles. It is truly indispensable!

It also enables us to adjust the bite so that restorations on teeth are not subjected to undue pressures. And with dental implants, it is an absolute must, because they lack the cushioning ligament to anchor to the bone, and any overly hard impact can cause the body to reject the implant completely--and THAT is a very major inconvenience.

MLS Laser

Dental laser attached via cord to small box shaped machine

Our Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Laser offers a fast and precise method of pain relief for those dealing with a stiff jaw joint and strained, overworked muscles. It is a very effective way to reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing process, which makes ongoing discomfort more manageable and (ideally) short-lived. It is an immediate solution that helps a patient enjoy a restful and relaxing respite while Dr. Teasdale works to create a more complicated treatment plan.

Intraoral Camera

Two gloved hands holding an intraoral camera

Our dental team takes a great many photos of the teeth. This not only helps us better understand their structure and position, but the images can also be used to explain things to the patient so they always know what is going on with their treatment, and can measure their progress. Our intraoral camera is only slightly larger than a pen, so it fits easily into the mouth to take high-resolution images of the teeth. We can display these on a nearby monitor so you are able to appreciate exactly what Dr. Teasdale looks for in your evaluation.

ExtraOral Photos

Young woman smiling in dental chair

We take a lot of photos here, as well, and for great reasons. Not only can we objectively see the symmetry of the head and body, but we can also evaluate the nasal airway, the jaw position, the head position, the face, the tongue, the teeth, and how everything all fits together. Photos don't lie, and, as they say, a picture is worth several thousands of words.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Dentist pointing to screen showing digital dental x rays

Every image we capture at Evolution Dental is 100% digital. Digital dental X-rays produce clearer pictures of the teeth and the surrounding bone than does traditional film, and they also appear instantly upon the computer monitor. It also requires 90% less radiation than the older X-ray films. So now we can immediately and objectively evaluate the position and condition of your teeth and jaws, and also go over these images with you to give you a “backstage tour” of your smile.

QuietNite Laser Therapy

Dental laser attached to thin blue pen like device

If you struggle with snoring or symptoms of sleep apnea, we might recommend that you undergo QuietNite Laser therapy with the DEKA CO2 laser. This remarkable treatment encourages the production of collagen (an important structural protein) in the tissues in the throat. It also tightens up sagging tissues, thereby broadening the airway and reducing nighttime breathing problems. QuietNite laser therapy is fast, noninvasive, painless, and highly effective.

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