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TMJ/TMD & Sleep
Focused Practice

We dedicate 100% of our energy and skill to treating TMJ and sleep-related problems.

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Treatment for
Snoring/Sleep Apnea

We offer state-of-the-art methods for relieving chronic sleep apnea and snoring, including the Vivos system and laser treatment.

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We’re proud to expertly straighten teeth and improve oral function without unnecessarily removing healthy teeth.

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BOTOX can help relieve chronic migraines, alleviate TMJ dysfunction, and even smooth noticeable facial wrinkles.

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At Evolution Dental, we use non-invasive lasers to treat everything from snoring and mild apneas to TMJ, and in the vast majority of cases, relief comes within hours.

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Signs & Indications

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Already Diagnosed

Most patients have been treated in some way or another for their TMJ and/or Sleep Apnea issues, but their symptoms have not resolved. That’s because traditional treatment is designed to treat the symptoms, and not the causes.

Signs of symptoms

At Evolution Dental, our dedicated TMJ specialist in your area traces the symptoms back to the cause, and explains what is happening, and why.

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Then we work, using the best techniques and technologies, to correct the basis of the issues, because when you remove the cause, you remove the symptoms. And for the long run.

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Evolving the Approach to Solve Airway Issues for a Happier, Healthier Life

"Our goal is to create comfortable bites, calm muscles, and sound nights of sleep using the most precise and personalized care possible.”

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Serving Portland Since 1981

Experience Backed by Science

Dr. Teasdale is able to seamlessly combine his decades of experience with the most advanced and proven technology to come up with precise diagnoses and treatment plans – from TMJ treatment and BOTOX® to traditional braces – for each patient. He has dedicated himself to helping those with TMJ and sleep problems because he is so passionate about it, and it shows in everything that he does.

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Long-Serving Team

We’re Here to Listen, We’re Here to Help

Living with sleep problems and long-term facial pain is hard, so our nearby team is here to make your time with us smooth and easy. Ou, Molly, and Claire have worked with Dr. Teasdale for years, so each visit is seamless.

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Portland Loves Us

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Amazing experience. Entire staff is attentive and kind. Spent so much time with me on a consultation! I cannot recommend them enough. In fact referring my daughter and son in law to Dr. Teasdale. Outstanding service.”

Jeff A, Portland, OR
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I went to Advanced Dental Arts to consult about a loose bridge. Dr. Russ Teasdale and his staff are very knowledgeable and caring, and he patiently explained all the options. I will definitely be going back, and highly recommend his dental office.”

Annette V., Portland, OR
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Had an absolutely incredible experience here. I had dense gum tissue in between my front two teeth that looked inflamed. My normal dentist said nothing could be done. After one appointment here they removed it and gave me the smile I've always wanted. So happy I found this place! 10/10 recommend.”

Judith A., Portland, OR
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How We Make
Your Care More Affordable

Not only do we provide custom treatment plans and top-tier customer service, but we also go above and beyond to make understanding the cost easy. Plus, we offer multiple financial solutions to help make the care you need affordable, including flexible financing and periodic special offers!

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered!

Whether you're a returning patient or considering your first visit, we welcome your questions! At Evolution Dental, our goal is to help you breathe better and enjoy an improved overall quality of life. Should you have any inquiries, feel free to call our office for personal assistance. For those who prefer to do their research online, we've compiled a list of answers to some frequently asked questions we receive.

How Do I Find the Best Place to Get TMJ and Sleep Apnea Treatment?

To find the best place for TMJ and sleep apnea treatment near Portland, start by researching local specialists in dentistry or sleep medicine with expertise in these conditions. Look for practitioners with positive patient reviews, relevant certifications, and advanced training in TMJ and sleep apnea treatment.

You can also ask for recommendations from your primary care doctor or dentist. Consider meeting with multiple providers to discuss their treatment approaches. Additionally, you want to ensure the clinic offers a comprehensive evaluation and a range of treatment options tailored to your specific needs.

What Is the Best Way to Find a TMJ & Airway Specialist?

Start by researching local professionals who specialize in sleep disorders, particularly sleep apnea and TMJ disorders. Look for advanced training or certification in sleep dentistry. Read patient reviews and seek recommendations from your primary care doctor or regular dentist.

Ensure the dentist uses the latest technology and offers a variety of treatment options, from oral appliances to CPAP therapy. If everything looks good, schedule a consultation to better assess their expertise and determine if they are right for you!

How Can I Book an Appointment Online?

If you’re ready to request an appointment with Dr. Teasdale, you can do so by filling out this short online form. After you submit it, one of our team members will reach out within a few days to select a date and time for your appointment. During this time, you can have your initial questions addressed and we can ensure you get the treatment you deserve. Of course, don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions that need to be addressed right away.

What Do You Do If You Can’t Afford a TMJ & Airway Specialist?

If you can't afford a TMJ and airway specialist, Evolution Dental can help. We offer flexible financing options through Cherry, making it easier to manage the cost of your treatment. With this option, you can split up the total cost of your care into smaller monthly installments, with some plans featuring low-to-no interest.

Additionally, we have periodic special offers that can provide further savings. Contact our office to discuss these options and find a solution that fits your budget. Our goal is to ensure you receive the care you need without financial stress.

Located Near You

Need sleep apnea treatment to get a restful night’s sleep again? Ready to transform your smile with Invisalign ? You will find us at 1316 SW 13th Ave in downtown Portland just minutes away from 405 Freeway. There is complimentary off-street parking on the corner of 13th and Columbia, and we are very close to the Lincoln High School, PGE Park, and Cultural District/Museum District.

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