A Startling Revolution, at the Speed of Light

Do you suffer from TMJ pain, migraine headaches, trigger points, and/or muscle soreness in the head and neck? Chances are, you at least know someone, or you would likely not be reading this article.

And chances are, you or they have tried virtually everything under the sun, from mouthguards to medications, from Botox to subjective bite “equilibration”. And it has been a long and fruitless journey. Nothing works, or for very long. And with no place to get relief, even for the short term, there is no place to “run and hide”.

Until now.

Continuing our track record of being the first with breakthrough dental care, Advanced Dental Arts NW is proud to offer laser treatments that effectively and efficiently provide pain relief, within minutes, and without shots or medications. And at a surprisingly economical cost.

Our laser is completely non-invasive, stimulating the body to heal itself while simultaneously providing immediate relief from aches and pains. And while it cannot be used for everyone (persons with pacemakers, or active cancers, or who are pregnant, for example), for the vast majority of people it is truly a wonder drug. Except, of course, it is not a drug.

While the treatment is fast, the results are not normally forever; for that, you would likely benefit from an objective, computerized adjustment known as “Disclusion Time Reduction (or DTR)”. But there is no need to be uncomfortable for even another hour.

Please give us a call. We are here, as always, to help you in all ways. Kind of what we do.